1 cow = 1 space
1 additional tie spot = 1 space
If you are thinking of substituting see the rules, dates required and cost.
Please bring your checkbook with you during check in if this applies to you.
~Barn space is limited. If you take more space than what you pay for you will have to move.
~If you need to tie next to someone I MUST notify me before AUGUST 25. ALL TIE AREAS WILL BE SET AFTER THIS DATE. SEND ME A TEXT, FACEBOOK MESSAGE OR EMAIL. Thank you!
~Please fill out all required information. (red and grey are different classes as listed)
~Please see rules for both open and junior for eligibillity.
~Shavings must be purchased at the facillity, NO OUTSIDE SHAVING! They will charge you regardless (LBA does not have control over this price, nor do they receive a cut)
~Pens space can be rented from the show office at a daily rate. Please speak with Sugarena for information and payments.